Love Letters From The Field

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“Thanks for being disrupters and finding ways to bring our nonprofit community together in unique and inspired ways!”

—Tara Ragan, Former Director of Fundraising at Promise Resource Network

“I used your website to look at some volunteer ideas for the summer and absolutely loved it. It was so organized and full of information! It makes the idea of looking for ways to get involved in the city much less daunting!”

— Courtney Faulkner, College Student


“I just wanted to reach out to you and say what a fan I am of what you provide for all of us here in Charlotte. There is so much incredible content on this site, so easy to navigate and find what you might be looking for. We use it regularly in my office to check for ideas for our quarterly outreach opportunities and have reached out to many of the organizations that have had needs.”

— Ed Doughty, Managing Director, Epic Capital

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“We’ve used both Just Serve and Volunteer Match for volunteer recruitment. Neither of them have been as useful for recruitment as SHARE Omaha has been in just the past two months!”

— Heartland Hope Mission


“SHARE Charlotte has created a unique way for nonprofits to come together and leverage each other’s networks to increase awareness about all they do for our city.”

— Andrea Smith, Chief Administrative Officer, Bank of America

“SHARE Omaha started in January 2019 and has already made a name for itself to mobilize community efforts.”

— Omaha Magazine

“Just one week after posting UMAR volunteer opportunities on SHARE Charlotte I received an inquiry from Schellman & Company, LLC about volunteering with us. An email was sent directly to my inbox notifying me of their interest. A few days later, we had their team scheduled to plant annuals in the flower beds at UMAR’s McCleskey apartments in Huntersville! We are grateful to SHARE Charlotte for serving as a master connector between us and our communities!”

— Alex Cruz, Corporate Relations Officer, UMAR


“SHARE Omaha is a fantastic resource for local nonprofits! We are so thankful for the increased visibility SHARE Omaha offers to our program.”

— DIBS for Kids


“SHARE Charlotte has made incredible impact throughout the Queen City in making connections. Their work helps match like-minded individuals, businesses and groups to nonprofits so that they may influence positive change in our community. Perhaps even more rewarding are the professional and business development opportunities that bring other nonprofits together in the same room to collaborate, brainstorm and conquer challenges. If your organization is not currently a SHARE Charlotte member, I highly recommend you apply as soon as possible. And if your business isn't partnering with SHARE, you're already behind your competitors.”

— Cassidy MacQuarrie, Community Relations Director, Charlotte Knights

“THANK YOU so much for what you all do at SHARE Charlotte! I am so grateful our city has a non-profit hub that is organized, user-friendly, and up-to-date.”

— Ashley Sullivan, Director of Community Engagement, Watershed Church

“It’s really exciting what [SHARE Omaha is] doing and I think they’ve executed it very well. I’m just blown away and impressed by their early success and the response they’ve gotten from the community has been really encouraging.

Matt Tompkins, Omaha Radio & TV Personality


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